Turning 40!

I keep saying to myself, it’s just a number.  Well okay then, just two little numbers, a ‘4’ and a ‘0’.  It really doesn’t mean that much….or does it?

Perhaps these two little numbers really are quite a BIG deal.  When I think about what ’40’ used to mean to me, I saw somebody who was most definately MIDDLE AGED…a little faded, a little jaded, a little wrinkled, a little crinkled round the edges… hey, after all, ’40’ is the age your parents are isn’t it? Or at least somewhere around that 40 mark….

I vividly remember my father’s 40th birthday party and somebody presenting him with the most HUMUNGOUS sized pair of pants you could possibly imagine…was he embarrassed?  I don’t know.  As an impressionable 11 year old, as I was back then, I think I was perhaps more taken aback then he.  How could someone think that just because MY DAD had turned 4o, he would then be given ‘carte blanche’ to let his waistline EXPAND into the 40 inch bracket AND think it was FUNNY?

On the other hand, I can’t actually recall my mother turning 40, despite it being only two and a half months before my father’s ‘coming of age’.  Perhaps Mum was more secretive about her milestone birthday…is that how women should be…SECRETIVE about their age?

It’s funny isn’t it, when we’re young, we do everything we possibly can to look older than our years.  Or at least, you do if you’re a teenage girl, as I was all those years ago. I can remember looking in the mirror and thinking, ‘I can’t wait til I’m 28…my face will look more beautiful, more mature, it’ll be the face that I’ll have ‘grown’ into…the face I’ll have as an ADULT.

The truth is, in exactly four weeks and six days, I’ll have reached that same milestone birthday that my parents did way back in the early 1980s and there’ll be ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I can do to change it…. Except perhaps LIE about my age, or reach for the bottle of Tippex and erase my birthdate from my birth certificate, then knock off a year or two or three or four….!!

I’ve decided to post a few comments in the run up to my BIG day to see how I’m feeling as I get closer and closer to…TURNING 40!




4 thoughts on “Turning 40!

  1. 40? It’s really no big deal. Things get better! Instead of those 40″ underpants I got a French Maid bringing my tea in the office when I was 41! Besides the pants would fall off me even now 29 years later and they came in useful at the time for car cleaning! Enjoy your 40th next month.

    Love Dad xxxx

  2. Not sure what 40 is meant to look like nowadays – bet you still feel 18 inside. I do and I’m coming up 62. If you always sit with your back to the daylight in cafe’s no one will notice any ‘fine lines’! Enjoy each day and keep using that good face cream!!!!

  3. Everything you say is so true! But let me remind you from someone who would love to be 40 again, you’ll never be this young again!

    Enjoy your birthday celebrations!


  4. I agree with your Dad. 40 is no big deal. Embrace it!

    Looking forward to reading your blog entries in the future.

    Eileen x

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