OMG…I’m officially OLD!

OMG, I’m officially OLD!

It’s finally happened.  The ultimate sign of MIDDLE AGE… or is it OLD AGE?!

I was in London yesterday on a girly shopping trip and when I stepped onto a crowded Northern Line tube train bound for Camden Town, the thing I’ve most been dreading about my ‘ inevitable slide into MIDDLE AGE’ actually happened…

…a young man immediately got up and offered me his seat!  I was MORTIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It must have been because I was laiden with shopping bags, yes, that MUST have been why.  Or perhaps it was the genuine 1930s fox fur I had draped around my neck.  The fox fur was a fabulous fashion find from a marvellous vintage clothing shop called ‘Decadent Vintage’ in Islington, (check them out at if you’re interested).  I’m currently collecting vintage accessories in readiness for one of my ‘3’ celebratory 40th birthday parties, where we’ll all be dressing up ‘vintage style’.

Oh well, for whatever reason, a charming 18 year old ‘boy’ gave up his seat for me, so I guess I should be grateful!  It’s not as if I have THAT many grey hairs, well just one or two, and I don’t have THAT many ‘fine’ lines… at least I can say I KNOW who JLS, Jessie J and Justin Beiber are!!

Talking of pop stars, I was shocked and saddened to hear of the death of Whitney Houston today.  What a waste of such amazing talent. I grew up with her music playing in the background.  Just listening to ‘How Will I Know’ and ‘Saving All My Love for You’ again this morning, I was immediately transported back to my early teens.  That made me fell YOUNG again!  The music industry may have lost one of its brightest stars, but at least her music will live on.  At just 48, she was definately too young to die.



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