Banderas in Boots!

Oh the joys of MIDDLE AGE…there used to be a time when I could go to the cinema and see any film I wanted to, preferably one with a bit of ‘eye candy’ when it came to the leading actor – Daniel Craig, Jude Law, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas…

Talking of Antonio Banderas, I took my two young sons to the cinema to see ‘Puss in Boots’ earlier this week… but these days, as a ‘middle aged Mummy of young children’, I seem only to see my former heart-throbs in the form of animated cartoon characters!  So I had to settle for a fluffy, feline-faced, boot-bedecked Banderas instead – oh well, at least I enjoyed his sexy, Spanish voice!!!

On a bit of a cinema roll, my hubby and I also took our boys to see The Muppets this evening.  Both boys loved it and for the hubby and I, it was a wonderful trip down MEMORY LANE!!   However, I was reminded of my imminent slide into MIDDLE AGE again this evening when, half way through the film, my eight and a half year old leaned over to me and whispered into my ear, ‘Mummy, this song sounds like a really bad 1950s or 60s song!’  I realised, (a little too instantly), that it wasn’t a song from the 50s or the 60s for that matter, but infact from the (not so distant) 80s…it was Gary Newman’s ‘Cars’, which I actually quite liked at the time!!!!!   How outrageous to think that that song enjoyed chart success over 30 years ago!

On a less shocking note, I was pleased to read on-line that Jude Law is also turning 40 this year… so hurrah, I’m not the only one!!!  Here’s to all those born in 1972!



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