Blondes have more fun!

I definately feel ‘younger’ this week…maybe it has something to do with the fact that my hair is a shade lighter than it usually is – BLONDE is the colour of YOUTH you see!  My two kids are an example, with their blonde, tousled, tresses that lighten up in the sunshine – one a rich shade of Byzantine gold and the other the colour of palest honey.  My golden boys!  The colour I used to be until my hair started to go darker ‘with age’ as my hairdresser put it!!!  Better dark than grey, that’s what I say!

Now let’s see, ah yes, I’ve also shed a few pounds because I don’t want to be FAT and FORTY! With just over a week to go before I have to squeeze into my favourite party frock for a sophisticated dinner with all my family and a week after that, into a Thirties style, bias-cut dress for dinner in London with friends, I decided I had to get my eating habits under control!  By cutting out sweets, cakes, crisps and biscuits (all my favourite things!), I’ve managed to get an ‘almost’ flat stomach – well, at least first thing in the morning!!  My size 10 skinny jeans fit perfectly and I can even wear some of my slightly more ‘unforgiving-around-the-waistline’ tops and dresses without having to pull my stomach in and permanently hold my breath!  Why is it that we have to put soooooo much more effort in to staying slim when we get past 30??

Another reason for feeling younger is they seem to be playing a lot of Eighties music on the radio lately – or is it just that my almost-forty-year-old ears seem to be picking up on a RETRO frequency?  I found myself singing along to ‘Waiting For A Star to Fall’ by a long lost band called Boy Meets Girl, on the radio this morning – a song which first saw the light of day back in the Summer of 1987 (OMG, I sound like Paul Gambaccini!) and one which I hadn’t heard for years and years….I felt 15 all over again!

If you think that’s shocking, that I can remember the words quite clearly to a song from 1987, (because I simply just don’t look old enough to remember that far back now do I), here’s something even more shocking that I’m going to share with you….I’ve grown to actually quite like LIONEL RICHIE!!  Way back in the mid Eighties, I used to think he was a bit of an old fogey, as he seemed only to appeal to my parents generation of 40 plus year olds… but here I am now, about to turn 40 and I can HONESTLY say I actually really like his music!  It’s the NOSTALGIA TRIP thing you see, whenever I hear ‘Dancing On The Ceiling’, ‘Endless Love’ and of course, ‘Hello’, I find myself immediately taken back, waaaaaaaay back into the 1980s! Infact my earliest musical memory is of hearing ‘Three Times A Lady’ on the radio back in the early Seventies!!! So maybe somewhere deep in my sub-conscious I always was a bit of a Lionel Richie fan!  His new album ‘Tuskegee’, featuring all his greatest hits, but made modern by re-recording them with other artists such as Shania Twain on ‘Endless Love’, is certainly worth investing in.  Oh dear, I seem to have gone off on a complete Lionel Richie tangent….


I’m turning 40 in 8 days time, that’s what!!!!!




8 thoughts on “Blondes have more fun!

  1. Gosh – making me feel old and decrepid at almost 62 – but in catching up with your blogs I can agree with your mother (always listen to your mother!) about the face cream down the front trick and also with you about staying blonde – for me it blends in with any grey……………….but is this oldie allowed into your birthday open house?
    love gilly

  2. Mum says

    Enjoyed reading your blog. Keep the grey hairs at bay and follow in my footsteps and you wont see any signficant grey appearing until a good few years yet! Pleased to hear you have shed a few pounds and look forward to seeing the new slim you.

    Mum x

    • Thanks Mum – we’ve got good genes as Nana always used say! She never looked her age. I hope I’ve inherited her good skin, as you clearly have.

      Lots of love


  3. Hi louise
    40 is the new 30 and on that basis you still have 10 years to go before you can celebrate.
    🙂 😉 🙂
    Look forward to joining you next Saturday to mark the decade!
    Cheers Joe

    • Yes, I think you’re definately right Joe – I may well be 40 now but I still feel 30!!!
      Looking forward to seeing you all for my birthday dinner party tomorrow night.
      Best wishes,

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