Living on the edge!!

Sometimes when I think about it, I’m totally ok with this ‘turning 40’ lark…it’s cool, I can handle it……. Then other times when I find myself contemplating my ‘milestone’ birthday, I think… OHMYGODFORTY!!!!!!!  How can this be? I’m NOT READY to be THIS OLD!  I don’t feel forty and I don’t think I look forty….. because you see, I’m still only EIGHTEEN on the inside!

I feel like I’m hanging on a cliff edge…but am I on the top of the cliff looking down or am I hanging on for dear life whilst looking up – either way, I’m definately hanging on to something (metaphorically speaking!)….Is it my Thirties, or my youth?  Hell, I don’t know……….

Only two more sleeps til my 40th birthday……….

Oh my god, quick someone, give me some GAS AND AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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