‘Tis the night before my 40th!

Well, it’s finally here, the eve of my 40th birthday!  As I write I’m sitting, (glass in hand), surrounded by birthday balloons blown up by my sons, bunting and spring flowers…lovely!  AND how do I feel about turning the BIG 40 tomorrow?

I feel remarkably fine, cool, calm, collected… I’m kissing goodbye to my Thirties… they’ve been fun…. An exciting decade in which, most importantly I became a mum (twice), my hubby and I bought our first house and I began to write my novel and my childrens’ book.

I’ve also been on an exciting, off-road experience driving in a Jeep around the entire island of Barbados, travelled in an RV through The Canadian Rockies (through a snow blizzard!), where I saw the cutest black bear cubs, enjoyed the thrill of Orlando’s Disney World, dined al fresco on Miami’s Ocean Drive, enjoyed Boston’s famous Duck Tour on the Charles River, soaked up the Umbrian sun in Assissi, toured The Vatican in Rome and watched the sun set over the Adriatic in Dubrovnik….

What will the next decade have in store?  I’ll tell you when I’m 50!




2 thoughts on “‘Tis the night before my 40th!

  1. Happy 40th Birthday Louise, hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with your family and I look forward to reading your first blog now that you have reached that dreaded milestone! Is it that bad after all? Lots of love Melanie xxx

    • Thanks Melanie – 40 isn’t all that bad afterall, infact it’s pretty FABULOUS! I so enjoyed my special birthday yesterday in The New Forest in the March sunshine, with the Daffodils (my birthday flowers!) out in full bloom!

      Love Louise

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