Club 40!

Well, March 15th is now drawing to a close but what a WONDERFUL day I’ve had!  Today has felt like Christmas, my 18th and my 21st birthdays…infact, all my birthdays rolled into one!!!!

I’ve enjoyed waking up to presents and cards at dawn with my hubby and sons. The boys insisted on opening my cards and presents for me this year, as clearly in their eyes, I’m now too old to do this for myself!  I’ve also enjoyed a wonderful celebratory birthday lunch, with my parents and husband, in the restaurant at the beautiful Chewton Glen Hotel in The New Forest – a lovely birthday present from my parents.  The sun shone (where we were at least!) and I had my photo taken as I stood in the March sunshine amongst a spectacular carpet of golden daffodils (my birthday flowers!) in the gardens at The Chewton Glen.

Birthday tea with the family was lovely – cupcakes, balloons, spring flowers…champagne!

Today has been the perfect day.

I now look forward to my three celebratory parties – tomorrow, Saturday evening and on the 24th!!

I go to bed a very happy (not so old) lady indeed!!





2 thoughts on “Club 40!

  1. And you look fabulous too! There is no way anyone would guess you are now 40!

    So glad you had a good day and thank you so much for the lovely party today. As always, the cup cakes were delicious and looked, ALMOST, too gorgeous to eat.

    Enjoy the rest of your celebrations and keep blogging so we know how the 40s are going.

    With lots of love from us all in Lambourn xxx

    • Ahhh, thank you Eileen, I’m now well and truly 40 years young aren’t I?!

      Glad you enjoyed the party and the ‘glamorous’ cupcakes – I just couldn’t resist making those rose flavoured ones as they look so pink and girly, sprinkled with edible glitter and rose petals….gorgeous! When else would I have had such an excuse to make something so frivolous, being the only girl in the Ludlow household?!

      Hope Chris enjoyed his mocha cupcake!

      Love Louise

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