Jasper’s epic journey is almost complete and I’m really delighted to say that my travelling Harp Seal, is now very close to arriving back home in the snowy Svalbard, after clocking up many miles.

It’s been a long journey and Jasper is exhausted, but exhilarated, not to mention older and wiser than he was when he set off two years ago, when I began writing this novel.  Not only has this been a wonderful  journey of discovery for Jasper, but it’s also been a real learning curve for me as an author too. I now know so much about the marine animals of our world.

Writing for children has been terrific fun, but it’s not been a ‘piece of cake’…more the literary equivalent of producing a bake for Great British Bake Off, you just have to get it right and sticking with it and having the courage, determination and will power to finish has been like running a marathon!  Honestly, I kid you not…  I am pleased to say I can now see the finish line and I’m pretty proud of myself.  This is the first of my two novels that I have now ‘almost’ completed and I can’t tell you how immensely satisfying that feels.

Jasper’s Big Adventures is a story I’ve had in the back of my mind for about the last ten years and one which I’ve felt compelled to write, before my own kids are too old to enjoy it! In fact my children were my inspiration and the reason I have written this novel.  When my elder son, Jonathan, (now 12), was a toddler, we bought him a toy Harp Seal after a fun day out at Plymouth Aquarium.  The fluffy seal , who we named Jasper, quickly became Jonathan’s favourite soft toy and he was never without him at bedtime.   In our house at that time, Jonathan had a huge map of the world on his bedroom wall which was illustrated with animals from around the world.  I would make up stories at bedtime about the many different animals and Jonathan and his little brother, Jude, would adore listening to them.  That’s where my idea to write Jasper’s Big Adventures came from, that and the fact my husband travels around the world on business a lot.  Together the boys and I would point to where Daddy was in the world and I would make up a story about the country and the animals indigenous to it.   And the rest , as they say, is history.  I now have a book which I hope  other children will enjoy too, a story which will inspire them as well as educate them about the many weird and wonderful creatures of our beautiful planet.


8 thoughts on “JASPER THE HARP SEAL

  1. Hi Louise
    I’be been on your writing journey with you and seen how Jasper has evolved and taken shape. It’s an enchanting, endearing and educational story that I’m sure will capture the imagination of children of all ages as well as those reading to them. You have a vivid way of really bringing your characters to life.
    All the best

  2. It’s a wonderful achievement to have finished your novel, Louise. Very well done. You’ve worked so hard. Fingers crossed for the next leg on his epic journey – out into the publishing world.

  3. Hi Louise,
    I am joining you at Jasper’s final stages! I love the story behind the story; great to hear how Jasper came to life. I am looking forward to reading all about Jasper’s adventures. I am filled with admiration for the journey you’ve undertaken – not for the faint-hearted! Thanks for sharing your brilliant blog too.

  4. Hi Louise

    Really looking forward to seeing the finished book. Great story and voyage of discovery for Jasper. Good luck!

    Dad x

  5. My daughter Charlotte (aged 11) quite simply could not read this book fast enough! Right from the off, she was drawn into the story by Louise’s descriptive, imaginative accounts of Jasper and his friends. She particularly enjoyed the chapters featuring Mr G W – perhaps because he provided something of a stark contrast to many of the novel’s other characters. When Charlotte had finished the story, she put the book down and asked, “When can I read the next book about Jasper?”. A fantastic read!

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