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Jasper’s First Public Outing!

As Jasper completes his epic journey and I complete my latest literary project, it’s clear that 2016 will be my year to ‘market’ Jasper’s Big Adventures.  If my legendary seal is going to survive out there in the big wide world, I must make sure he gets noticed and stays afloat!

I made a really good start to promoting Jasper by recently visiting The Unicorn School in Abingdon.  I read the opening chapters of my book to the Primary School age children and I’m delighted to say that it was very well received.  The children loved hearing about Jasper’s great journey and it even prompted some wonderful discussions about the many other amazing marine creatures of our oceans.  It was especially lovely visiting The Unicorn, as it is a school for Dyslexic children.  These amazing kids may well struggle a little with reading and writing, but when it comes to imagination and enthusiasm, they certainly have it in bucket loads!  The children I met were enthralled with my story and were really keen to learn more.  What a wonderful boost for my writing, it’s so lovely to have a keen team of Jasper fans, even before he reaches the publishing stage of his journey J. I hope I have inspired some young, future writers amongst them. Big thanks to The Unicorn.

Here is a link to a news piece on my Jasper and creative writing talks at The Unicorn School: