Jasper’s First Public Outing!

As Jasper completes his epic journey and I complete my latest literary project, it’s clear that 2016 will be my year to ‘market’ Jasper’s Big Adventures.  If my legendary seal is going to survive out there in the big wide world, I must make sure he gets noticed and stays afloat!

I made a really good start to promoting Jasper by recently visiting The Unicorn School in Abingdon.  I read the opening chapters of my book to the Primary School age children and I’m delighted to say that it was very well received.  The children loved hearing about Jasper’s great journey and it even prompted some wonderful discussions about the many other amazing marine creatures of our oceans.  It was especially lovely visiting The Unicorn, as it is a school for Dyslexic children.  These amazing kids may well struggle a little with reading and writing, but when it comes to imagination and enthusiasm, they certainly have it in bucket loads!  The children I met were enthralled with my story and were really keen to learn more.  What a wonderful boost for my writing, it’s so lovely to have a keen team of Jasper fans, even before he reaches the publishing stage of his journey J. I hope I have inspired some young, future writers amongst them. Big thanks to The Unicorn.

Here is a link to a news piece on my Jasper and creative writing talks at The Unicorn School:




7 thoughts on “Jasper’s First Public Outing!

  1. Hi,
    I have really enjoyed reading about Jasper so far. I like the fact that each animal has a different character and there is so much to keep the reader gripped! I especially like Humphrey the Hump Backed Whale. He is funny, friendly and wise.
    Hugo (aged 10)

    • Thanks Hugo, it’s really great that you’re enjoying Jasper. Humphrey is one of my favourite characters too, as he is a good friend of Jasper’s and it was such fun researching Humpback Whales!

  2. Hi Louise,
    Hugo (10), Darcie (8) and I (mum!) have just finished reading Jasper and the Legend of the Sealie. All 3 of us have so enjoyed it for many reasons; Hugo has enjoyed the suspense that you have built, such as through Jasper’s encounter with the killer whale and also the puffins. Darcie has especially enjoyed getting to know the characters, especially the way you describe how Jasper is feeling. As well as Humphrey, we liked Pal (reliable) and Jasper’s guardian angel, Pipaluk (kind and knowing). I loved the way you’ve woven some gentle environmental messages into the story, which formed the basis of many interesting chats in our household. We’re looking forward to Book 2 Louise!!

  3. Hi,
    I really enjoyed the book, full of imagination. I enjoyed all the the characters especially Humphrey and also the table mountain ghost frog. I also liked the suspense when Jasper encountered the killer whale. Lots of research and very much looking forward to reading book two.
    Thomas (aged 10)

  4. Hi Thomas,
    That’s really great that you’ve enjoyed Jasper’s journey. I like Ferdinand the Table Mountain Ghost Frog too, he’s such a quirky little character! Watch this space for some follow up stories on Humphrey and Kelvin (the Killer Whale)…. Just how did Humphrey get that ‘battle scar’ on his flipper….

  5. Hi,
    I did find the story quite young for me, but it was really interesting because of all of the additional detail​. I really liked the albatrosses because of the way they behaved when speaking to Japser and they reminded me of an old married couple.
    I find that not enough books take place outside of America so I was really excited when I realised that Jasper went all across the globe in this book.
    Abby (age 13)

  6. I have really enjoyed the Jasper story so far. I have found out lots about different animals and different countries around the world. My favourite character is Humphrey because I love whales. I am excited to see some pictures too. Oliver (age 7).

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