Club 40!

Well, March 15th is now drawing to a close but what a WONDERFUL day I’ve had!  Today has felt like Christmas, my 18th and my 21st birthdays…infact, all my birthdays rolled into one!!!!

I’ve enjoyed waking up to presents and cards at dawn with my hubby and sons. The boys insisted on opening my cards and presents for me this year, as clearly in their eyes, I’m now too old to do this for myself!  I’ve also enjoyed a wonderful celebratory birthday lunch, with my parents and husband, in the restaurant at the beautiful Chewton Glen Hotel in The New Forest – a lovely birthday present from my parents.  The sun shone (where we were at least!) and I had my photo taken as I stood in the March sunshine amongst a spectacular carpet of golden daffodils (my birthday flowers!) in the gardens at The Chewton Glen.

Birthday tea with the family was lovely – cupcakes, balloons, spring flowers…champagne!

Today has been the perfect day.

I now look forward to my three celebratory parties – tomorrow, Saturday evening and on the 24th!!

I go to bed a very happy (not so old) lady indeed!!





Living on the edge!!

Sometimes when I think about it, I’m totally ok with this ‘turning 40’ lark…it’s cool, I can handle it……. Then other times when I find myself contemplating my ‘milestone’ birthday, I think… OHMYGODFORTY!!!!!!!  How can this be? I’m NOT READY to be THIS OLD!  I don’t feel forty and I don’t think I look forty….. because you see, I’m still only EIGHTEEN on the inside!

I feel like I’m hanging on a cliff edge…but am I on the top of the cliff looking down or am I hanging on for dear life whilst looking up – either way, I’m definately hanging on to something (metaphorically speaking!)….Is it my Thirties, or my youth?  Hell, I don’t know……….

Only two more sleeps til my 40th birthday……….

Oh my god, quick someone, give me some GAS AND AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Blondes have more fun!

I definately feel ‘younger’ this week…maybe it has something to do with the fact that my hair is a shade lighter than it usually is – BLONDE is the colour of YOUTH you see!  My two kids are an example, with their blonde, tousled, tresses that lighten up in the sunshine – one a rich shade of Byzantine gold and the other the colour of palest honey.  My golden boys!  The colour I used to be until my hair started to go darker ‘with age’ as my hairdresser put it!!!  Better dark than grey, that’s what I say!

Now let’s see, ah yes, I’ve also shed a few pounds because I don’t want to be FAT and FORTY! With just over a week to go before I have to squeeze into my favourite party frock for a sophisticated dinner with all my family and a week after that, into a Thirties style, bias-cut dress for dinner in London with friends, I decided I had to get my eating habits under control!  By cutting out sweets, cakes, crisps and biscuits (all my favourite things!), I’ve managed to get an ‘almost’ flat stomach – well, at least first thing in the morning!!  My size 10 skinny jeans fit perfectly and I can even wear some of my slightly more ‘unforgiving-around-the-waistline’ tops and dresses without having to pull my stomach in and permanently hold my breath!  Why is it that we have to put soooooo much more effort in to staying slim when we get past 30??

Another reason for feeling younger is they seem to be playing a lot of Eighties music on the radio lately – or is it just that my almost-forty-year-old ears seem to be picking up on a RETRO frequency?  I found myself singing along to ‘Waiting For A Star to Fall’ by a long lost band called Boy Meets Girl, on the radio this morning – a song which first saw the light of day back in the Summer of 1987 (OMG, I sound like Paul Gambaccini!) and one which I hadn’t heard for years and years….I felt 15 all over again!

If you think that’s shocking, that I can remember the words quite clearly to a song from 1987, (because I simply just don’t look old enough to remember that far back now do I), here’s something even more shocking that I’m going to share with you….I’ve grown to actually quite like LIONEL RICHIE!!  Way back in the mid Eighties, I used to think he was a bit of an old fogey, as he seemed only to appeal to my parents generation of 40 plus year olds… but here I am now, about to turn 40 and I can HONESTLY say I actually really like his music!  It’s the NOSTALGIA TRIP thing you see, whenever I hear ‘Dancing On The Ceiling’, ‘Endless Love’ and of course, ‘Hello’, I find myself immediately taken back, waaaaaaaay back into the 1980s! Infact my earliest musical memory is of hearing ‘Three Times A Lady’ on the radio back in the early Seventies!!! So maybe somewhere deep in my sub-conscious I always was a bit of a Lionel Richie fan!  His new album ‘Tuskegee’, featuring all his greatest hits, but made modern by re-recording them with other artists such as Shania Twain on ‘Endless Love’, is certainly worth investing in.  Oh dear, I seem to have gone off on a complete Lionel Richie tangent….


I’m turning 40 in 8 days time, that’s what!!!!!



Crows Feet & Crepe Paper

As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to realise that some of the best beauty advise must surely come from our mothers.

My mum asked me the other day if I used moisturiser on my neck and chest.  When I replied, ‘only in the summer with suncream’, she cringed and told me that in her opinion to stay looking younger, women should apply a moisturiser to their ‘decolletage’ – the fine stetch of skin that covers the collarbone and upper bust area, every day.  A number of women she knows haven’t moisturised there and have as a result gone all CREPEY!

So many women smother their faces morning, noon and night in a layer of the finest of facecreams but FORGET to moisturise those tell-tale places such as their neck, upper bust and even backs of hands.  An example of the latter must surely be Madonna.  When Mum and I recently saw her on TV, she was wearing a pair of designer leather gloves, (Chanel I think), with a sassy little black dress.    ‘I bet she’s wearing those gloves to cover her hands’, observed my Mum, who’d read that the Pop Queen’s hands have aged so much that she’s taken to hiding them in public for fear of people guessing her real age!  It’s no secret that she’s now in her early 50s, but whereas her complexion, hair and figure still look FAB, she appears to have committed the ultimate BEAUTY CRIME of not ‘moisturising’ the bits that give the ‘age’ game away!!

As a result of this, I now make sure I drench the skin on my neck and decolletage with an Elemis moisturiser, (Pro-Collagen Neck & Bust Cream), first thing in the morning and last thing at night and I apply a hand cream (I’m currently very fond of The Santurary’s Spa Essentials Hand Cream) to my hands, especially the backs, every few hours or so.  This way I hope not to look a day over 30 by the time I hit 40 in a couple of weeks time!!

AND with today’s date being the 29th February, I feel very lucky that I’ll be able to drag my 30s out for a day longer than I would have done if it hadn’t have been a Leap Year this year!  Does this mean that when I do actually turn 40, I will look a ‘day over 40’?!  Perhaps not if I ‘MOISTURISE’!!

15 days to go and NOT REALLY counting!!!



Banderas in Boots!

Oh the joys of MIDDLE AGE…there used to be a time when I could go to the cinema and see any film I wanted to, preferably one with a bit of ‘eye candy’ when it came to the leading actor – Daniel Craig, Jude Law, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas…

Talking of Antonio Banderas, I took my two young sons to the cinema to see ‘Puss in Boots’ earlier this week… but these days, as a ‘middle aged Mummy of young children’, I seem only to see my former heart-throbs in the form of animated cartoon characters!  So I had to settle for a fluffy, feline-faced, boot-bedecked Banderas instead – oh well, at least I enjoyed his sexy, Spanish voice!!!

On a bit of a cinema roll, my hubby and I also took our boys to see The Muppets this evening.  Both boys loved it and for the hubby and I, it was a wonderful trip down MEMORY LANE!!   However, I was reminded of my imminent slide into MIDDLE AGE again this evening when, half way through the film, my eight and a half year old leaned over to me and whispered into my ear, ‘Mummy, this song sounds like a really bad 1950s or 60s song!’  I realised, (a little too instantly), that it wasn’t a song from the 50s or the 60s for that matter, but infact from the (not so distant) 80s…it was Gary Newman’s ‘Cars’, which I actually quite liked at the time!!!!!   How outrageous to think that that song enjoyed chart success over 30 years ago!

On a less shocking note, I was pleased to read on-line that Jude Law is also turning 40 this year… so hurrah, I’m not the only one!!!  Here’s to all those born in 1972!


OMG…I’m officially OLD!

OMG, I’m officially OLD!

It’s finally happened.  The ultimate sign of MIDDLE AGE… or is it OLD AGE?!

I was in London yesterday on a girly shopping trip and when I stepped onto a crowded Northern Line tube train bound for Camden Town, the thing I’ve most been dreading about my ‘ inevitable slide into MIDDLE AGE’ actually happened…

…a young man immediately got up and offered me his seat!  I was MORTIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It must have been because I was laiden with shopping bags, yes, that MUST have been why.  Or perhaps it was the genuine 1930s fox fur I had draped around my neck.  The fox fur was a fabulous fashion find from a marvellous vintage clothing shop called ‘Decadent Vintage’ in Islington, (check them out at if you’re interested).  I’m currently collecting vintage accessories in readiness for one of my ‘3’ celebratory 40th birthday parties, where we’ll all be dressing up ‘vintage style’.

Oh well, for whatever reason, a charming 18 year old ‘boy’ gave up his seat for me, so I guess I should be grateful!  It’s not as if I have THAT many grey hairs, well just one or two, and I don’t have THAT many ‘fine’ lines… at least I can say I KNOW who JLS, Jessie J and Justin Beiber are!!

Talking of pop stars, I was shocked and saddened to hear of the death of Whitney Houston today.  What a waste of such amazing talent. I grew up with her music playing in the background.  Just listening to ‘How Will I Know’ and ‘Saving All My Love for You’ again this morning, I was immediately transported back to my early teens.  That made me fell YOUNG again!  The music industry may have lost one of its brightest stars, but at least her music will live on.  At just 48, she was definately too young to die.


Turning 40!

I keep saying to myself, it’s just a number.  Well okay then, just two little numbers, a ‘4’ and a ‘0’.  It really doesn’t mean that much….or does it?

Perhaps these two little numbers really are quite a BIG deal.  When I think about what ’40’ used to mean to me, I saw somebody who was most definately MIDDLE AGED…a little faded, a little jaded, a little wrinkled, a little crinkled round the edges… hey, after all, ’40’ is the age your parents are isn’t it? Or at least somewhere around that 40 mark….

I vividly remember my father’s 40th birthday party and somebody presenting him with the most HUMUNGOUS sized pair of pants you could possibly imagine…was he embarrassed?  I don’t know.  As an impressionable 11 year old, as I was back then, I think I was perhaps more taken aback then he.  How could someone think that just because MY DAD had turned 4o, he would then be given ‘carte blanche’ to let his waistline EXPAND into the 40 inch bracket AND think it was FUNNY?

On the other hand, I can’t actually recall my mother turning 40, despite it being only two and a half months before my father’s ‘coming of age’.  Perhaps Mum was more secretive about her milestone birthday…is that how women should be…SECRETIVE about their age?

It’s funny isn’t it, when we’re young, we do everything we possibly can to look older than our years.  Or at least, you do if you’re a teenage girl, as I was all those years ago. I can remember looking in the mirror and thinking, ‘I can’t wait til I’m 28…my face will look more beautiful, more mature, it’ll be the face that I’ll have ‘grown’ into…the face I’ll have as an ADULT.

The truth is, in exactly four weeks and six days, I’ll have reached that same milestone birthday that my parents did way back in the early 1980s and there’ll be ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I can do to change it…. Except perhaps LIE about my age, or reach for the bottle of Tippex and erase my birthdate from my birth certificate, then knock off a year or two or three or four….!!

I’ve decided to post a few comments in the run up to my BIG day to see how I’m feeling as I get closer and closer to…TURNING 40!